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Welcome to Camp Benesi

About Camp Benesi

Camp Benesi is a non-profit recreational getaway for veterans and gold star families who are grieving loss or dealing with the effects of military service. Our mission is to provide a safe and peaceful retreat for our guests to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities and connect with others who share similar experiences. We offer free lodging, meals, and activities at no cost to our guests.



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Kayaks from Above
Native Drums

Outdoor Adventure and Recreation

Healing Through Nature & Tradition

Friends by the Lake

New Friendships

Peace Amidst Grief & Trauma

Get Involved - Support Our Mission!

Donate to Camp Benesi

Your donation will help us continue providing free lodging, meals, and activities to our guests. Click below to make a difference in the lives of our veterans and their families.

Volunteer at Camp Benesi

Join our team of dedicated volunteers and help us provide a memorable experience for our guests. Click below to learn more about our volunteer opportunities.

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